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Twisters is dedicated to building happy, healthy, confident children. Through our proven curriculum and innovative teaching methods we will enhance your child's self esteem and enthusiasm for lifelong physical activity!!



Serving Cedar Rapids gymnastics needs for over 30 years! Our programs are designed using USA Gymnastics Level Curriculum with a focus on developing your child in three different areas:

Physical: Coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and agillity.

Listening skills, concentration, persistence and ability to follow instructions.

Social/Emotional: Fun, confidence, self esteem, goal setting, patience and making friends.

Gymnastics will develop and refine your child's foundational motor skills better then any other sport. Often gymnasts are referred to as some of the strongest of all Olympic athletes.


Twisters Dance has recreational and competitive programs focused on three main styles of dance:

Pom Dance: Pom pons are used to create maximum visual effect through uniform, sharp, precise movements at a fast, upbeat tempo.

Hip Hop: Hip-Hop merges funk, street jazz, pop n' lock, and breakdance moves to the latest rap, hip-hop or R&B music.

Jazz: Jazz encourages individual expression and personal style developments through isolations of the head, shoulders, rib cage, feet and arms. This is an evolving dance form full of rhythm and syncopation.
Twisters Xtreme Cheer welcomes all boys and girls ages 5 to 18, beginner to experienced cheerleader! TAS will choreograph a 2 and 1/2 minute routine jam packed with tumbling, stunts, dance, and cheers. Everyone plays an integral part of the team, as a base, flyer, tumbler and/or dancer.

At Twisters Xtreme, the ONLY way to fail is to have never tried.
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